M-Commerce Development
Let the pioneer in wireless Internet reservations take your e-commerce site to the next wave in Internet portability. Bringing a fully developed e-commerce site wireless requires much more than middleware and simple screen-shaping - It requires attention to design, flow, and all of the "behind-the-scenes" interfaces to maintain security and speed. We've done it, we've patented it, and we're ready to serve you. Our HandRes.com site is our testimonial to effective m-commerce.

Integrate a Wireless Reservation Portal
The HandRes.com service, which is not protocol-dependent, can be accessed by any Internet-ready wireless device. Our design ensures that our mini-portal can be easily incorporated into any existing wireless service package or portal. The best reservation engines from travel and business leaders on the Internet are right here, and with many other services besides reservations, such as frequent flier tools, and messaging, you'll find your time to market and meaningful content offerings significantly improved. 

Wireless Coupon Systems
HandRes has been developing scannable barcodes for wireless devices since 1999, perfected it, and patented it. Not every device supports a robust display to allow coupon scanning. Let us explain your options, and implement your wireless coupon solution, from the database to the device.

Remote Hardware Interfaces
HandRes is also actively involved in implementing hardware solutions for devices that can be controlled using wireless handheld devices using the client's browser and the Internet. Unveiled in May, 2000 (US Patent Pending), our server interfaces allow a wireless user to take control of a device, be it a soda machine, coffee maker, or lighting.  

HandRes Inc.,  US Patent Pending Copyright 1999 2000