AT&T: 9/8/0-9/20/00:HandRes joins he AT&T Hypergrowth Program, and attends the AT&T/Alliant Get Launched Program.
WIRELESS WEBCAM: 9/01/00: HandRes and AllWireless unveil a mobile web camera solution using SIerra Wireless products. The video is retrievable on wireless devices, such as the Palm 7. Read about this here
TELEDOTCOM: 7/10/00: While demonstrating at PC Expo in New York City, Handres shows off its new service for controlling just about any home appliance - from alarm clocks to microwaves - from a PDA, a cellphone, and other wireless devices. Read about this here
WIRED MAGAZINE: 6/29/00: HandRes  Read about this here
PCEXPO 6/28/00: Announces Real-Time Wireless Reservations for PDAs, Phones, and palmtops  Read about this here
PCEXPO 6/28/00: Make Coffee - and more - from your Wireless Device - Remote Control Using the Wireless Web Read about this here
4/28/00: HandRes submits legal protection measures for remote WAP-controlled hardware devices. Working devices are available; More details will be available in late 2Q2000. 4/12/00: TechLabs, Inc. Completes Purchase of 25 Percent Interest in Wireless Software Application Company  Read about this here
3/21/00: TechLabs, Inc. Moving to Complete Purchase of Stake in Wireless Internet Software Application Company; Company Sees HandRes as Capable of Developing the Ultimate Mobile Internet Portal  Read about this here
3/2/00 TechLabs, Inc. Announces Demonstration of HandRes Wireless Internet System at Industry Trade Show  Read about this here
2/25/00: TechLabs, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: TKLB-news) has entered into a binding letter of intent to a acquire a 25% interest in HandRes, Inc.  Read about this here
2/23/00: HandRes, Inc. Joins the Wireless Ready Alliance (WRA).  The Wireless Ready Alliance (WRA) is an industry-leading Alliance aimed at creating market awareness about the possibilities of wireless data technology. Founded by Sierra Wireless, Inc. it unites leading computer hardware manufacturers, software application vendors, wireless telephony companies and value-added enterprise service providers. Through a variety of means, the Alliance works to create compelling end-to-end mobile, wireless data solutions.  Read about this here
12/08/99: Greg Russo Appointed as Vice President, Finance. Greg Russo has been named VP, Finance for HandRes. In his new position, Greg will be responsible for the overall financial strategy of HandRes, as well as supervising daily financial operations.
12/01/99 : HandRes, Inc. has filed intellectual protection measures  for a wireless coupon system for data-centered devices, As a result of the 9/10 project . The wireless coupon technology is now Patent Pending, and HandRes excepts closure in about 36 months for an issuance.
11/30/99: HandRes patent on EMF shielding is in continuation and remains pending.
09/10/99 : New research on wireless internet applications has ledHandRes Inc. and Omnistep Inc. to investigate intellectual property matters for technology geared towards inventory management and accounting systems.

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