How do I use the HandRes service? 
It's easy! Just fill out the FREE online registration to create your profile. Once complete, point your browser to to begin using HandRes. For more information on getting started and PDA requirements download our HandRes overview letter. 
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Then what? 
Then you can research, place and modify reservations at HandRes. 
You will be able to book a Commercial flights, Chartered air flights, Hotel rooms, Rental cars, Broadway shows, etc... from virtually anywhere within coverage of your wireless data provider. 

What hardware do I need to use the HandRes service? 
You will need a PDA (personal digital assistant) or palmtop, a wireless modem for that device, and a wireless data service connection. It doesn't matter what company makes your device, just as long as you can attach a wireless modem to it. It is even better if it is built in already. 

What software is needed to use the HandRes service? 
Any internet browser for your handheld device will display HandRes content, but you should use a browser that supports SSL (secure sockets layer) to enhance your security.  

What kind of modems are available? 
If your palmtop device supports a PCMCIA Type II port, the AirCard 300 by Sierra Wireless is highly recommended for these devices. 

Palm O/S PDAs are usually given wireless connectivity through the use of "cradles" - modem which snap onto the PDA. Palm Pilot and III devices may be cradled onto a wireless modem using Novatel Wireless' Minstrel series of products. The Palm V PDA may also be cradled onto a new compact device called the Omnisky modem. 

Standalone modems such as the Novatel Wireless SAGE and other OEM products may be connected to any type of computer, palmtop, or pda. You will need a serial cable for your PDA to connect to these modems. 

Finally, some devices contain integrated wireless modems, such as the Novatel Wireless Contact 

What types of browsers are available? 
"An improved commercial version of iBrowser includes 40 or 128 bit SSL support (128 bit for US and Canadian Residents only), sophistocated caching, proxy server support and proxy server authentication, http authentication, and cookies.  It also offers online and off-line browsing.   Limited to US residents only."  

Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer (MSPIE) 
Although not available as a free download from Microsoft any longer, Pocket IE is available with the Windows CE operating system. Other versions of Internet Explorer are also compatible with portable devices, and most support SSL technology.  

"Avantgo is designed to allow users to take web pages with them.  You can select your own web pages or subscribe to existing channels.  It competes with the Microsoft Mobile Channels.  Avantgo requires simultaneous ActiveSync and web connections.  Windows 95 users must install the DUN 1.2b upgrade from the Windows CE Services CD.  Windows 98 users must install a second dialup adapter in the Control Panel - Network." 

"AirCard" and AirCard 300 are products of Sierra Wireless. 

"Palm", Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm O/S, and Palm V are products of 3Com Palm Computing . 

Contact, Sage, Omnisky, Minstrel and Novatel Wireless are products of Novatel Wireless Inc. 

MSPIE, Pocket Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer, IE, Windows , and Windows CE are products of Microsoft 

"Avantgo" and its browser are products of Avantgo 

iBrowser and iBorwser Plus are products of Foliage Corp. 


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