The solution to delivering your your e-commerce content to a wireless user is HandRes. 

HandRes has the technology and experience to enable your e-commerce system for use on Internet-ready phones, wireless PDAs, and wireless palmtops. 

Our testimonial is our service, offering realtime, secure, two-way transactions supported on just about every wireless device.

Hand Res believes that by utilizing the power of the Internet, we can deliver a superior service which is free, and is independent of proprietary software. In doing so, we can offer a service which is compatible with any device readily available to a consumer. Our commitment to excellence is reflected within the partners, the affiliates, and our developers. 

       We believe that the near future for wireless personal digital assistants holds increased miniaturization, speed, and computing power. 

     We believe internet users will want to use their devices just like their home PCs, and not have to bother with down loading channels. Users will continue to use a miniature version of a familiar browser directly on their device with respectable transfer rates. We believe that this new industry is all heading towards the hand-held equivalent of your current business PC.

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